Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some of my inspirations

Returning from the symposium with a new found energy, I have made a pact with Self to begin a tradition of daily blog entries. So today's entry highlights my inspirations for a new collection.

Amy Tavern
I have been asked several times over the years if I knew Amy Tavern and if not, well, I should. I have kept up with Amy's work over the years and this weekend had the honor to finally put a face with the name. I have to say, what a lovely, warm and inspiring person. Amy is currently the Artist in Resident at Penland. She is a formalist in her work, exploring line, shape and color.

Four Teardrop Necklace No. 1

Brooch in Navy

Andy Cooperman.
I had the pleasure to meet Andy last year when he visited ECU. He has a very unique and pragmatic way of problem solving that I really admire. His juxtaposition of machine and nature is, in my opinion, perfection.


No. 3
Anna Sheffield
I first met Anna in Brooklyn where we shared a studio many years ago. I remember loving to peruse her bench, admiring her collection of inspirational pieces. Anna is now the queen of production with her name sake line as well as her high end costume line Bing Bang. I love her sense of simplicity, sweet heart, and touch of bad ass punk rock. She recently opened her flagship store in Soho. Love her.
Two Finger Ring (Thin Version)
No. 4
Sarah Graham
I love Sarah's use of seed pods and nature in general. I am also in love with the Cobalt Chrome that she uses to achieve the contrast of black.

No. 5
Rob Jackson
I attended one of  Rob's workshops last year at the ECU Symposium. I have always been enamored by his ingenious way of incorporating found iron and steel, yet intimidated enough to never experiment with these materials myself. His workshop unlocked the mystery and eliminated much of the intimidation. I look forward to applying what I have learned.

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  1. Thanks so much! I also love seeing/reading about your other inspirations, too.