Monday, January 17, 2011

Shifting Traditions

This weekend, January 14th and 15th, I attended the ECU Metals Symposium,  "Material Topics: Shifting Traditions." The symposium, now in its second year, was filled with lectures and workshops. The lectures were presented by Nicole Jacquard,Caroline Gore, Tom Muir, and Michael Dale Bernard, while workshops were led by Dan DicaprioLisa JohnsonKen Bova,Tom Muir, Mi-Sook Hur, and Michael Dale Bernard. Included in the weekend of events were panel discussions, break-out sessions, and exhibitions. I had the chance to attend a break out session talk with Amy Tavern and Angela Bubash, with the topic being "Residencies." It was incredibly informative. I also attended another break out session talk with Caroline Gore and Bob Ebendorf,  with the focus being on Professional Practices and Graduate School. I really enjoyed this intimate discussion. 

Caroline Gore
Box Earrings grey/red
18k gold, silk thread

Micheal Dale Bernhard
Wood Be Diamond Series

View the schedule and symposium blog here.

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